I hate clowns. From Weegee as Clown, Covers Circus From the Inside, July 9, 1943

I hate clowns. From Weegee as Clown, Covers Circus From the Inside, July 9, 1943

Sewing kick

I’ve been going on a sewing kick. I’ve been doing a lot of embroidery lately and have been slowly figuring out how to work and old sewing machine. Pillows are really easy to do and make rooms cozy. I can never find anything trendy or tasteful at thrift stores, so my first project when I get the sewing machine up and working will be a pillow or two. There’s a small fabric store on the corner of Cary and Robinson, I’ll have to stop by when I’m ready to make some pillows.  




The purple is a great color, but the pattern is a little too whimsical for the pillow I want to make. Despite that, I do love the print. Middle Eastern castles and architecture would be great in my next embroidery.  

my ass is on grass and fuck i need to study




my cowboy boots and a dress were piled on my dresser. when laila discovered its existence, she started barking at it, clearly thinking it was some sort of monster. i told her to stop it and disassembled the beast for her. her ears went back and she looked at me with big eyes like “wow holy shit, you killed it. i love you” and i said “i did it because i love you little brown dog.” regardless it feels pretty fucking cool to kill a monster.

frozen bananas are delicious but i wish i had popcorn.

i won a gold medal in ignoring tonight. i’m serious, all of my hard work ignoring: boys i’ve had awkward hookups with, bums, the co workers that has a crush on me, old landlords, and a certain ex boyfriend have prepared me for tonight. i meet andrea at a bar where BS is djing and WM is having a drink with friends. i swoop in, sit to my back with them both sort of, and when BS comes over to chat i engage kevin in a conversation about $6 bar specials. we leave, i swoop out and in my head there is stadium applause.